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empowering the final generation who can solve climate change

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empowering the final generation who can solve climate change

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I am an activist.
I love to administer justice and mercy, and I invite others into the work of justice as well. 
I restore cynical, bitter, and ultimately, self-righteous hearts to loving, graceful, and indignant hearts. 
I try to live right and make things right to uplift the human personality. 
Climate change is happening right now, mainly caused by human activities, and we are the final generation who can solve it.

I am an optimist.
I believe the human race will have enough respect for the future to provide for that future.
I believe our ailing planet will be restored to its glorious days of housing boundless biodiversity.
I believe the harmony between nature and humans that is so essential to all life will be restored.
Climate change will be solved and we will win this fight as an irresistible force to this world.

Steve's ActIvism


Foundation for Environmental Stewardship is a youth-led climate change education organization, founded by Steve in 2012. We have educated over 1,000 young people in high schools, college, universities, and community organizations. Visit FES to learn more.

3% Project

The 3% Project mobilizes 1,000,000 Canadian youth through 5 national tours across 400 towns in 2 years. 1 million young Canadians - that’s 3% of Canada - will be educated and empowered to solve climate change in their local communities. 

Youth Empowerment

Steve has provided opportunities for children and youth to voice their opinions at decision-making platforms across the level from the United Nations to municipalities. Steve informs and trains on knowledge and skills necessary for meaningful and effective policy advocacy.

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