Policy Advocate

to the United Nations, governments, and municipalities

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Policy Advocate

to the United Nations, governments, and municipalities

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High-impact strategies require two things: direct services at community levels and policy advocacy at systematic levels. Direct service helps meet immediate needs and policy advocacy helps reform larger systems by changing public behaviour or creating governmental solutions. 

Climate change requires both direct services and policy advocacy and youth must be at the heart of both. Climate change affects youth the most and youth are the final generation who can solve it.

One of the many reasons why climate change must be solved urgently is that it is the greatest stumbling block to the development of human civilization. Climate change impedes the progress on eliminating hunger, achieving health, providing education, empowering women - sustainable development.

None of these goals can be achieved without another. Working towards the world we want requires a holistic approach and climate change is no exception. With over 1.2 billion youth, youth are fundamental to sustainable development.

Steve's policy advocacy

Climate Change

Steve brings the voice of youth to climate change policymaking tables through UN Major Group Children and Youth, UN Framework on Climate Change Convention's observer constituency of youth NGOs, UN Environmental Programme Tunza Network, and more.

Sustainable Development

To achieve Sustainable Development Goals, Steve actively engages on issues that especially affect youth and climate change through World We Want Policy Strategy Group, UN Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development Working Groups, and more.

Youth Empowerment

Steve has provided opportunities for children and youth to voice their opinions at decision-making platforms across the level from the United Nations to municipalities. Steve informs and trains on knowledge and skills necessary for meaningful and effective policy advocacy.

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