to inspire the audience towards the future we want

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to inspire the audience towards the future we want

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A guided journey to practically explore how to fight injustice

There are so many kinds of injustices committed every day. It is truly overwhelming. But you are not meant to fight all of them; you are meant to fight some. So find your injustice - an issue that makes you angry. And fight to bring restoration to that issue. You will get a sense of 8 different social injustices, share how I chose my injustice to fight, and invite you to fight them practically. 
Learn more about PassionExplorer by visiting www.PassionExplorer.com

3% Project

Mobilizing 1 million youth - 3% of Canada - to solve climate change

Climate change is a difficult phenomenon to communicate. It is even more challenging to inspire people to act. And youth are tricky to meaningfully engage and keep them engaged. But Steve is absolutely convinced that youth are the key to solving climate change. So how do you create a movement that influences the minds of an entire nation? Steve will share his experiences of activism, which will make you rethink how you are engaging youth - whether you're a teacher, social worker, marketer, communicator, or student leader. 

Voice to the voiceless

Role of all youth in policy advocacy

Steve began his journey of policy advocacy at the age of 16, representing Canada at the G8 Summit 2009. Since then, Steve has been the voice of the global youth through policy advocacy at the UN. Youth are the key to achieving sustainable development and youth must be participating in effective and meaningful ways to be equal partners in policy decisions that affect us today and tomorrow. Steve challenges youth to actively engage in policy advocacy and how others can support youth.

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